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Good Shepherds Fellowship International

Impacting our World with His Word

Good Shepherds Fellowship International wants to spread our message of the kingdom through preaching and teaching of the Word of God. We believe that a Word impacted church can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Being guided by spiritual principles of God we, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute to pastors around the world for the greater good.

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Our Growth Strategy

Our international empowerment and equipping strategy begins primarily with the teaching and implementation of the Nine Spiritual Principles. These teachings will lay the foundation for GSFI to establish National Fellowships with men and women who desire to be empowered by Kingdom principles.  We believe our primary mission to each nation it to fulfill the Great Commission. Therefore, our conferences, online or onsite, are designed to equip and empower pastors, spouses and leaders and ministry workers. We ask each National Fellowship to organize and develop a Regional Leadership Team (RLT) to help organize and register new pastors seeking to join us in our endeavors. We believe the sincere application of the spiritual principles, fosters biblical church growth and development in the body of Christ. During the conferences and summits, we hope to offer training and development that will afford practical implementation of the spiritual principles and that will support local churches of all sizes. The RLT will also participate in conference calls, online development and planning meetings to help reach our objectives throughout the year. General guidelines will be made available as we determine the need and best practices for each nation. Our ultimate objective is to we seek out good shepherds that will care for and feed the flock of God.

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"I will give you shepherds from my heart."

Jeremiah 3:15

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Contact Good Shepherds Fellowship International

4344 Blackberry Rd, Greensboro NC 27406

336-387-0553 (Office) | 443-904-1373 (Direct)

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